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My Paintings - Acrylic

These are just some of the paintings I've been working on. Some are completed and some are still a work in progress. All works are in acrylic paints. Some are for sale, all are the my artistic property and may not be reproduced without my express permission. I haven't the funds or or should I say I do not want to set up a Pay pal account and share any monies with them. So, transactions will have to be by check, cash, or money orders. Domestic shipping and handling  $5.00. International shipping and handling costs? I don't exactly know but we can work that out. I think it might be double the domestic rate. You can email me at Contact Me.


Blue Hills

Blue Hills ©

Completed landscape...Van Gogh inspired

16" w by 12 " h flat canvass unframed



Castaway ©

Another landscape/seascape  ...again VanGogh inspired

16"w x 12"h flat canvass and unframed


Congress street Bridge

Congress Street Bridge ©

Done from memory...completed and hangs in Cyndi's home


Sunflowers in clay pot©

16"h x 12"w flat canvass unframed (updated photo to come)



Farmers Night

Farmer's Night©

Completed landscape...I just like the blues and greens and the night seems peaceful

Night Falls

Night falls ©

Soothing blues and greens

Green Peace

Green Peace©

Work in progress...this has changed a lot and completed piece hangs in Cyndi's home

Headwig in Flight

Hedwig in Flight©

My Harry Potter Tribute

plainly framed canvass paper 20"x16"


The Boathouse

The Boathouse ©

stretched canvass 14"x11"




The Lake House©

14"x11" stretched canvass





14"x11" stretched canvass unframed


Lost in Fall

Lost in Fall©

Frank's favorite

Village View

Village View©

Van Gogh inspired.

Canvass pad piece 16x20



Las Muertos

Las Muertos©

Art pad paper, acylic paint




Two canvases

Same theme and color scheme as three previous works. Pam wanted two large canves scenes for her living room using these themes.


Portrait of Frank

From a black and white photo, still a work in progress.


Portrait of Frank

Further along in work process.

Congress Bridge 2

Congress street bridge

Almost completed, needs to be sealed.

Green Peace 2

Green Peace

Further along in process, almost finished. Trees more defined, small bridge placed across stream.





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